Saturday, July 26, 2008

Robin Edmondson (R) for County Commissioner

I had a chance to interview Rob Edmondson yesterday. He is running for County Commissioner position 2; The same seat that will be vacated by Diane Oberquell at the end of this year. Simply said, Rob is one of those candidates that you wish there were more of. He is a fresh voice for politics and has a ton of new ideas. Edmondson said, "I call it the way I see it." He is a man with a direct leadership style crafted from his background as a CEO. Rob has an education in global economics and ties these concepts back to Thurston County. Edmondson said, "I accurately predicted the budget crises coming to Thurston County and I have a plan to fix it." And he quickly recites how he will prioritize needs vs. wants in each county department. He talks about how he will separate legislative mandates and scrutinize those. He has a plan to use new technology to automate bureaucratic processes, identify areas where he can combine resources and even outsource some services. There are some things he says are simple, "I don't understand why we are sending employees out in 6 passenger SUV's. Hasn't the county heard of Smart Cars? I will look at every single purchase and identify the best solution at the lowest cost." I like that thought ... downsize the County government from an SUV to a smart car. Simple isn't it? One of the ideas I like best is he has an idea to create a group of experts that would bring even better ideas to Thurston County. Edmondson said, "I want to create a group of super men and women, all of which are nationally recognized and have a minimum of 20 years experience. One will focus on financial matters, one will focus on goods and services, and three will be grant writers. I want to find unique solutions to our problems that can't be foreseen." It takes a combination of humility, experience, and knowledge to come up with these ideas. Robin Edmondson has a fresh approach and will be a breath of fresh air to the commission. Go to Edmondson's website.

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